Our Clients

People Who Benefit Most from Our Services


Almost always…

  • See the management of their investments as somewhat of a burden
  • Want someone they can trust to manage their investments for them
  • Want someone they can call whenever they have a financial question or problem who will provide them with an answer or solution or who will refer them to another competent professional who will
  • Dislike losing money more then they like making money.



  • Have an investment portfolio from $250,000 to $10,000,000
  • Are age 50 to 85
  • Do not think of themselves as financially wealthy
  • Have strong self-esteem but downplay their success
  • Are good providers for their families
  • Want good investment returns but want to sleep at night
  • Like an educational style of presenting ideas but don't want to be overloaded with information or to become a financial expert.
  • Want their financial advisor to understand them and help them avoid mistakes.
  • Want to plan for and maintain a secure retirement
  • Appreciate common sense, simplicity and the "bottom line".
  • Like to be appreciated.
  • Value peace of mind, security and happiness
  • Are not impressed with fancy advertising and glossy brochures .
  • Are cost conscious but will pay for convenience and expertise
  • Spend less money than they make
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